I am searching for a delicate balance in my work; a balance of contradiction. This balance and exploration of what at first glance appear to be opposing forces; simplicity versus complexity; control versus non-control; and absence versus presence explores the relationship between obscuring and revealing.

Process and repetition have always been a constant in my work, and are now emerging as content. Marks and mark making processes are increasingly self-referential. As important as the collections of metal I manipulate are the relationships of the materials and process, and a testing of their limits. Each of my works has a loose pre-existing system, and the work consists of the journey of my execution.

My work is quietly autobiographical; through content, materials and processes. I utilize frameworks which imply structure and order, but when combined or countered with the methods, processes and materials I employ, it becomes apparent that as individuals and as members of contemporary society, we cannot fully be in control. For even when we strive to be in control, the act of obscuring or revealing can achieve or disclose the opposite of our intention.

Stephanie Lauretano