Stephanie Lauretano
I am searching for a delicate balance in my work; one that portrays my search for harmony in chaos. I am interested in a balance of simplicity versus complexity; control versus non-control; chaos versus harmony; and of absence versus presence. Working in systems is a means of boiling down and clarifying my intentions. These systems take the form of repetition, and the process of repeating marks is at once meditative and an order in and of itself.

My work is becoming quietly autobiographical; the materials and processes I use surround me and tell of my life identity. I strive for perfection in my work and in the different areas of my life, but the beauty lies in the imperfections; in the flaws. Through my use of systems, order, repetition, and process I explore control, balance and the dichotomy between the contemporary world and the individual. Systems imply structure and order, but when combined or countered with the methods, processes and materials I employ, it becomes apparent that as individuals and as members of contemporary society, we cannot fully be in control.